It’s Fatal… What?!

It’s mind blowing to know

I have a fatal disease

Without treatment starting

Get it started, please!

Even with treatment

Some don’t respond

And many still progress

That’s not treatment, that’s wrong!

The bigger fear

Will my kids have these genes?

The wait to find out…

They have symptoms, it seems

I told them I was dying

I feel it inside

Too long they dismissed me

I’ve progressed on this ride

Hopeful the treatment

Might stop some decline

But get me in to that center

It’s not your life, it’s mine!

The wait for their results

It’s like standing still

Life in slow motion

Progressively ill

No moving forward

Till we sort this all out

Then maybe I’ll rest

No more questions or doubt

Try to enjoy what’s left

Of this crippled life

Just please not my children

That’s my mental strife.

Dianne MacKay 4/26/2022

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