Take Me To Death’s Door

Take me to deaths door

There’s no pretending anymore

Pretenses melt away

There may not be another day

As I hold your hand to take you through

The uncertainty, fear, emotions ensue

Scared inside, feeling blue

By your side, I’ll be with you.

The past lies dormant

Like it should

Life’s difficulties and challenges

Forgotten where they stood

These moments, raw

Unfettered truth be told

Compassion and love

My heart does hold

As I hold your hand

Your journey is near

Not alone for your transition

When it may appear

The loss already stinging

My heart filled with pain

To know you’re saying goodbye

To never see you again

Hopes and dreams

Ideas gone awry

Plans dissipate

Loved ones die

Dianne MacKay 3/2022 (I hate Cancer)

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