Talking to God on the Pot.. “Be Still!”

Yeah, I said that. I realized something lately that I felt was odd…. Let me rephrase that, I realized another odd thing about myself recently. I find that often, while going to the bathroom, I find myself talking to God more in depth and with more heart, talking away asking questions, and praying to Him. This is something that I really started to realize not long ago, maybe several weeks or even months ago but I never thought too much about it.

Today, while going to the bathroom, (just being honest), it hit me!! I finally realized WHY I talk more to Him while in those moments than any other (except very very recently as I’ve felt His pull and have turned my face to Him). Those are my quiet moments!! I once add these words to my calendar to show up for me once a month as a reminder to me, “Never Forget His Grace! Be Still, For I AM God!” That was something added during my mostly zombie time period (something for another blog) when I had a small moment of clarity. Today, that meaning, “Be Still!” truly spoke to me in my heart while sitting there praying. Those were my quiet moments. I was being still!

Most of the world today is inundated with an onslaught of online usage and things that fill our minds, our bodies, our brains with so much that rarely do we take that time to simply, “Be Still!” Rarely do we pull away from social media enough to de-clutter our minds and rest then spend those moments with God. Well, I guess I just ousted myself that as a toilet user, I don’t spend all that time on the phone. 😁 Those are the moments that my brain is finally at rest without distraction and I can focus on Him.

It started feeling a bit yucky to me.. I mean, I’m talking to God and I’m not covered… Anyway, I guess my self-conscious mind, via God’s whispers, shared that with me and now it all makes sense. We need more time without distractions to put our focus on Him in purity of heart and purity of mind. He’s been waking me up to a lot lately and I’m just grateful I finally realized why I do that and of course I plan to change that and to make sure I create that purposeful proper time to reflect on Him and to enter into prayer. No, I didn’t just imply that I’m a horrible person for praying on the pot or that we shouldn’t do so. I’m just sharing what I believe His Holy Spirit was showing me. We NEED more quiet time to Be Still and spend with Him. Of course I do now realize a proper time and place but if in true need, I’ll talk to Him in any quiet moment I can find but I will make sure to set aside time to put Him as my focus rather than all the social media and junk in today’s world keeping our minds busy and unable to simply, “Be Still!”

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