Life with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What does Chronic Fatigue Syndrome feel like? I think I’ve come up with the perfect analogy to explain my CFS affair.
Imagine wearing a lightweight baggy body suit. Each body segment contains about 2 pounds of sand. That is how I feel without exertion. Now today we have to pick up dog doo and mow this tiny back yard. But wait!!! Add 10 pounds of sand to each body segment and get to work. When finished reduce sand by 5 pounds and sit back and enjoy the cramped muscles and heavy fatigue cause you also didn’t stretch before hand and feel like you ran a mile before tackling the yard.
This is my life…




Them Smart Little Bastards..

They lurk, they land, they avoid my hand…

I swat, I slap, I want to make them splat!

They fly, they flee, They laugh at me!!


It’s now war, I’ll settle the score!

Them Smart Little Bastards, Hear me roar!!

Out comes the swatter, You’ll soon be dead!

They disappear and laugh instead!


I sit, I type, there’s none in sight,

But soon they come for another fight!

I swat, I slap, I want to make them splat!

They fly, they flee, and laugh at me!


I’m back in business, the game is on,

I’m now on to their little con…

Them smart little bastards, hide away and see

You won’t be getting the best of me!!


I’m stealth, I’m quiet, I’ll wait all day!

You will no longer live to get in my way!

So come little bastards come out and play!

Swat, splat, your dead, I’ve had my say!


I type in peace, I’ve won this war!

Oh crap, there’s one, there’s two, there’s more!!!

Smart little bastards have taken hold,

I’m done with this game, I’m getting old.


Inside I sit in peace and glee

Till I realize them smart little bastards got the best of me…


DM 8/13/16

To the one who roams the parking lot seeking out the atrocities of pajama wearing:

I was not so delighted to receive a letter home with my child the other day seeking to let parents know that pajama attire is not so appropriate to wear when dropping off their children at school.  Since such grand assumptions are made about the wearer of the pajamas for someone to dictate what can or can’t be worn when the skin is actually completely covered, I could only assume that someone is not happy in the work place or seemingly bored and may need more jobs to attend to. 

As we teach our children not to judge based on how one looks or what one wears, we might want to reteach this lesson to the adults as well.  After all, don’t the kids have a designated pajama day at school?  Since, as a parent, we may not have any particular agendas or designations for our own selves, would it not be prudent to assume that we assigned ourselves a pajama day as well?  Who’s to say that maybe the parent is also having a pajama day at their work place?  It might not be time appropriate to change into clothing deemed satisfactory to the school in order to drop off their child then rush home to change back into the pajamas before attending to their own day. 

Have we not been taught to ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ before making a judgement of another?  I wear an 8.5 in case you’re wondering; rubs more on the heels.  Who’s to say that the alarm didn’t fail that morning and since we’re such good parents, we put our child first by getting them ready and out the door before being late and the bell rings for class to begin.  Did I not receive a notice about tardiness?  Which is more important, I need some clarification, don’t be late or don’t wear pajama’s when dropping kids off at school?  (Cause those few seconds we get out of our cars in pajamas to help our children out can be offensive to others)

I’m glad to know that all parents should be healthy enough to get themselves dressed appropriately before sending their children off to the rat race.  Cause no one EVER has a flu day or a chronic fatigue syndrome day or a fibromyalgia day or an ulcerative colitis day (by the way, just getting them to school with this lovely condition is a major feat in and of itself!!!), or a migraine day (Shhhh…the noise of anything loud might make me puke)… the list is endless and in my case applies.  So though we smile and grit our teeth through the pain as we drop our cheeky little darlings off to school, the only thing really going through our minds is crawling back home and falling on the couch in exhaustion and pain hoping this day will already, ‘just be over with’.  But, you wouldn’t know all this just by looking at us in our cute little pajamas as judgements are made and laziness is probably at the top of the assumptions list, so I reiterate the golden rule, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before assuming their life is as peachy and put together as yours may be. 

So as not to offend anyone, instead of wearing cute baggy warm my little pony pajama pants as I crawled halfheartedly out of bed to follow the law and take that little whippersnapper to school, I’ll start wearing my tight cute little yoga shorts instead.  They are just as comfortable though not as warm and boy do they show all my curves (and I have a lot of them!).  Have a great day and you might want to straighten your tie, it’s a little crooked. 


From A Mom representing Moms who wear pajamas.