Feminism in Today’s World


I’m all for feminism…when it means equal rights, equal pay for the same job and effort, equal opportunity…but the fact is, women are not men and as such, we are different.  Today’s idea of feminism is not yesterday’s feminism.  Today is more about doing what you want, bashing the opposite sex, and demanding attention and power through any means.  Not all feminist share these views and I feel it erodes and damages the ideas that were once shared and stood for.

Is it necessary to proclaim that we can dress how we want, act how we want and damn the consequences? Woman were once taught that if you dress like a slut, act like a slut, then most likely, your a slut.  Today we’re being told that no man has a right to treat a women like an object and should mind there own business if a woman choses to wear a skirt that shows her ass and a top that leaves nothing to the imagination. Is this what we want to teach our daughters?  You say men should behave themselves and not look or get excited.  Are we also going to teach our children that the table full of candy is just candy and not to drool over it?

Maybe I’m an era too late.  I have conservative values and like to dressing appropriately.  Shouldn’t we have an appropriate dress?  Some say you are what you eat, but truly you are what you wear.