My soul aches and bleeds a million tears

Cascading rivers of pain and disappointment

Illusions shattered and feeling devastated

Your not who I imagined you were….


Left alone, adrift at sea

Waves crashing all around

Searching for who I thought you were

But no one even close being found.


The flu

The flu stinks. I  haven’t had the flu in many years but I am wiped out!!  Body aches, the worst headache, fatigue and dizziness.  Fun times.  The whole family minus my little brother and daughter are full on miserable. More fun times. My husband has been a blessing to me regardless of how helpless he feels.  He’s been my rock.  Hopefully the prayers find their way to God and we heal quick.   I’ve been taking some herbal stuff but not sure that’s helping really well.  Ginger tea next.